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Meraki Go - Troubleshooting Tools

Meraki Go provides multiple Troubleshooting Tools to assist you in performing troubleshooting on your network. This document will go over each of the tools, how they should be used, and what actions you can take from them.

Accessing Troubleshooting Tools

To access the troubleshooting tools, you’ll want to browse to the Hardware section on the bottom navigation bar. From there, you can select the access point that you want to troubleshoot. On the hardware details page, you should see a section called Troubleshooting tools.

device details

Test Connection

The Test Connection tool allows you to validate that the access point is able to either

  1. reach the Meraki Go cloud, or
  2. reach a specific website that you have specified 

The tool will return both average latency and loss rate, and in a situation where neither of these are in an ideal state, will provide some actionable items you can take.

Note: Testing the connection to the Meraki Go cloud can yield various results, most of which do not directly correlate to your networks general performance. Latency to the Meraki Go cloud is likely not representative of latency to other applications or services.

GR12/GR62/GX50 models use a new method to connect to our Meraki Cloud Controller which has higher latency compared to GR10/GR60/GX20/GS110 models. This is expected behavior for these devices. If you are worried about high latency, these tests should also be paired with ICMP tests performed on a laptop in the same network as the Meraki Go device showing high latency.

test connection 1     test connection website input

test connection in progress     test website finish

Blink LED

Sometime you may have forgotten which access point is installed where, and need to identify it without wanting to remove it from the wall. In this situation, the Blink LED tool will allow you to set the LED that is installed on each Meraki Go access point to blink, making it identifiable.

Blink LED


If you ever feel the need to remotely turn your Meraki Go access point off and on again, you are able to do so with the Reboot tool. If any clients are connected to the access point that is about to be rebooted, it will provide you with a list of these clients, so that you are aware of the impact.

reboot ap


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