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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Meraki Go - Managing Hardware

Moving Meraki Go Hardware

Meraki Go devices are associated with a Company when scanned during onboarding. This prevents the hardware from being used or configured by any other party than the current owner. When a device changes ownership or there is a need to consolidate hardware between accounts, the following steps are used to complete the task:

Removing Hardware

  1. Log in to the company currently holding the Meraki Go hardware
  2. Navigate to Hardware -> [Device to move]
  3. Tap the Delete button


This device is now in the process of being made available for a new owner or company.

Note: Please allow up to 5~20 minutes for hardware to become available again to add to another company.

Adding Hardware

  1. Log in to the company that needs the new hardware added.
  2. Navigate to Hardware pane.
  3. Press the button to onboard a new device.
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