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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Meraki Go - Replacing Faulty Hardware

What to do when dealing with faulty Meraki Go hardware or devices that do not seem to work as expected.

Replacing Faulty Hardware

In the event a Meraki Go device appears to be faulty or not functioning as intended, a replacement can be issued under circumstances covered by our policy. Always reference our current policy when seeking a hardware replacement.

Step 1: Contact Support

Meraki Go support will help ascertain if a hardware replacement is required. Sometimes devices are facing benign issues that support can help resolve, which is a better solution than waiting for a replacement. If nothing can be done, support will recommend a replacement as a next step.

Per the Meraki Go return policy: If your Meraki Go product has failed, you can contact your Meraki Go reseller for a warranty replacement within 12 months from your date of purchase. We offer a 30 day return policy for refunds within 30 days of your date of purchase.

Step 2: Inform Reseller

After performing the appropriate troubleshooting steps with support from above, the next step is to contact the seller. This could be a range of entities, and will be where RMAs are initiated. Cisco Meraki support will not RMA any faulty hardware directly unless the hardware has been purchased from Amazon

Devices purchased on Amazon will be replaced via the Meraki Go support process directly.

Step 3: Reseller Ships Replacement

The reseller should contact the distributor to honor a warranty replacement for the device (if within the warranty timeline). The distributor is responsible for validating if the warranty on the unit is valid and shipping out a replacement device to the customer from their own stock.

Step 4: Customer Ships Defective Unit

The customer, once receiving the new replacement, should ship the defective unit to the distributor. 



If there are any problems, concerns, or questions regarding the RMA procedure please reach out to to discuss the issue, or open a support case if seeking a hardware replacement via RMA.