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Cisco Meraki

Configuring Custom DNS for an SSID in NAT Mode

When an SSID is configured in NAT mode, wireless clients will point to the MR access point (AP) as their DNS server. The AP then acts as a DNS proxy, and will forward clients' DNS queries to its configured DNS server. This article shows how to set custom DNS servers for a NAT SSID, instead of using the AP's DNS server. This is typically used to forward NAT SSID clients to a DNS server with custom content filtering.

Note: Wireless clients will still use the AP as their DNS server, this configuration customizes the destination server of the AP's DNS proxy.


  1. Navigate to Wireless > Configure > Access control in Dashboard
  2. Choose the SSID in NAT mode to customize the DNS settings
  3. Locate the Content filtering drop-down menu and choose Custom DNS
  4. Enter the preferred custom DNS IP addresses
  5. Click Save changes to apply the settings

Note: A maximum of 2 DNS servers can be specified and the AP will still proxy any queries to the custom DNS servers.