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Cisco Meraki

MS355 Series Installation Guide


  MS355-24X MS355-24X2 MS355-48X MS355-48X2
1Gbe RJ45 16


32 24
mGbe RJ45 8 24 16 24
10Gbe SFP+ 4 4 4 4
40Gbe QSFP+ 2 2 2 2
100G Hardware Stack Port 2 2 2 2
Dedicated Mgmt Interface 1 1 1 1
UPoE Capable Yes, 740W Yes, 740W Yes, 740W Yes, 740W
Hot Swap Power Supply Yes, Dual Yes, Dual Yes, Dual Yes, Dual
Hot Swap Fans Yes, 3x Yes, 3x Yes, 3x Yes, 3x

Package Contents   


   Step 0.png


In addition to the MS switch, the following are provided (mounting kit provided with 1U models only): 

  • 4-post Rack Mount Kit includes:
    • US 12-24 mounting screws and cage nuts, 10 of each
    • INTL M5 mounting screws and cage nuts, 10 of each
    • INTL M6 mounting screws and cage nuts, 10 of each
    • Mounting washers
    • 2 Rack mount rails
    • Rail kit screws
  • 1025WAC Power Supply Unit
  • 3 Pre-installed Fans

Installation Instructions

Note: Each MS355 comes with an instruction pamphlet within the box. This pamphlet contains detailed step by step guides and images to assist in the physical install of the switch.


1. Install the mounting cage nuts in the rack being used for the switch.


Step 1.png


2. Separate the rack mount rails, and install the rack mount rails channel onto the rack.


Step 2.png


3. Attach the rack mount rail to the sides of the switch.


Step 3.png


4. Insert the rack mount rail into the rack mount rail channel.


Step 4.png


5. Attach the switch face plate to the cage nuts on the rack.


Step 5.png


6. Secure the rack mount rail to the rack mount rail channel.


Step 6.png


7. Insert the power supply unit into the back of the switch. After it has been securely installed, you can connect power to the power supply unit.


Step 7.png


8. (Optional) Install additional SFP+, QSFP+ or QSFP28 units as needed, depending on the compatibility of your model.


MS355-24X Series Front Panel


MS355-24X2 Series Front Panel  


MS355-48X Series Front Panel  


MS355-48X2 Series Front Panel  



Ports and Status Indicators 


The MS uses LEDs to inform the user of the device's status. When the device powers on, all the Internet LEDs flash twice. Additional functions are described below, from left to right.



LED Status




Solid orange

Switch is unable to connect to the Meraki cloud


Flashing white

Firmware upgrade in process


Solid white

Switch is fully operational and connected to the Meraki cloud



Switch does not have power


Switch Ports


No client connected


Solid orange

10/100 Mbps (1000 Mbps on SFP+)


Solid green

1000/2500/5000/10000 Mbps (10000 Mbps on SFP+)

Additionally, there is a RESTORE button available on the back panel.

Insert a paperclip if a restore is required.

  • A brief, momentary press: To delete a downloaded configuration and reboot.

  • Press and hold for more than 10 sec: To force the unit into a full factory restore.

MS355 Series Back Panel 






LED Status





Restore button to clear switch IP and local configuration settings


Management Interface


Connected, used for easy access to the local status page


Stack Ports


Stack Cables are connected here


Redundant Fans


Active and operational


Redundant Power Supplies


Active and functional power supplies

Power input

Power cords may be ordered separately.

Equipment is to be used only in a restricted access location and installed/operated only by trained service personnel.

Bringing your Stack Online 

MS355 switches can be connected in a physical stack using dedicated stacking ports and cables. Configuration steps and additional information about stacking can be found in our Switch Stacking Article.

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