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Switch Traffic Analytics

Layer 7 visibility is now included in Cisco Meraki switches. Hundreds of applications are automatically identified and reported, from business apps to BitTorrent and YouTube.

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Enabling Traffic Analytics

To enable, navigate to Network-wide > General and set Traffic analysis to Detailed: collect destination hostnames. This will add Traffic Analytics to your Monitor tab the next time you refresh.

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Network-wide Traffic Analytics

This page aggregates all of the detected applications for a given time frame. This time frame can be selected at the top of the page and options for weekly, daily and monthly are available. Custom pie charts can also be configured to further customize the data based on HTTP hostname, IP, Port range, etc. This is configured under Alerts & Administration.

Configuring for Non-combined Networks

For non-combined network, navigate to Network-Wide > General and set the Traffic analysis to Traffic analysis enabled and the Hostname visibility to Report specific hostname.


Hostname Reporting

Meraki's layer 7 application visibility is now enhanced to dynamically detect applications running on your network and provide hostname visibility. This is an opt-in feature and can be enabled under Network-wide > General.

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