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MV2 Wireless Onboarding


MV2 is the new Meraki Flex Camera belonging to the second generation MV smart camera family. The camera only has a USB-C port for power and can be provisioned easily to connect to your wireless network with the Meraki Mobile App using the wireless onboarding steps described in this document.

Wireless Onboarding only works MV2 and is not supported for any other Meraki Generation 2 cameras. 

Installation and Connectivity

For detailed information around installing the camera, please refer to the install guide. MV2 only has a USB-C port, hence it should be used with one of the two accessories:

Accessory SKU



What is it?

Region-specific AC Power adapter with 3m (10ft) USB-C cable included

Ethernet to USB-C Dongle with 1m USB-C cable included

Max Power

10W (5V,2A)

12.95W (802.3af)

Data Connectivity

Wireless Connectivity
(Using Wireless Onboarding)

Wired connectivity

Wireless onboarding is only supported for MV2 which use the AC Power Adapter and NOT the ethernet  to USB-C dongle

Supported mobile devices and OS 

Onboarding MV2 with the mobile app is supported on most iOS and Android mobile devices. 

  • iOS: Any device that supports iOS version 11 or higher. 

  • Android: This is supported on Android devices from Samsung, Google Pixel and OnePlus on Android 10 or higher

Supported Meraki Mobile App version 

Update your Meraki Mobile App to version 4.12.0 or higher. The Meraki App version can be verified under Settings > About within the app

Wireless Profiles 

Wireless configuration for all cameras is managed in Meraki Dashboard with Wireless Profiles. These can be either setup on Dashboard before onboarding your MV2 or in the app during the onboarding flow

LED Status

Your MV2 is equipped with a LED light on the front of the unit to convey information about system functionality and performance:

MV2 Wireless Onboarding LED status.png

Rainbow - MV is initializing or looking for upstream network connectivity.

Flashing Green - MV is formatting its storage and/or upgrading its firmware.

Flashing Blue - MV is attempting to connect to a nearby access point.

Solid Green - MV is online with an active wired connection.

Solid Blue - MV is online with an active wireless connection.

Solid Purple - MV is recording audio.

Solid Amber - MV cannot connect to Dashboard or encountered an error.

Blinking White - Camera is ready to be wireless onboarded through the Meraki Mobile App.

Solid White - Camera being configured from the app.

Onboard one camera at-a-time

During onboarding, the Meraki Mobile App talks directly to your camera to send wireless configuration over an encrypted connection. This only supports a one-to-one communication between the camera and the app.

How does Wireless Onboarding work? 

Camera out-of-the-box

The camera is powered on using an AC Power adapter and boots up similar to other MV’s going through Amber, Blinking Blue and Rainbow LED’s. As the camera is ready to be “onboarded” , it settles on a blinking white LED

The camera stays in broadcasting state for 10 minutes and will reboot and re-initiate if the onboarding is not completed. We recommend rebooting the camera before beginning to onboard.

If the LED on the camera is not blinking white:
  1. Please make sure this camera is using the AC Power Adapter and not the USB-C to Ethernet Dongle

  2. Please make sure you wait up to 30s after camera boot. 

  3. If the camera does not show blinking white LED at all, factory reset the camera

  4. If the issue persists , please open a support case.

Select the camera to onboard

On the Mobile App, select the camera to onboard from the list of devices. Click on configure wirelessly button and follow the steps/prompts in the app

Set the right App permissions/settings

The Meraki Mobile app will check for the following permissions to ensure Wireless Onboarding to work smoothly:

Permission/Setting to enable




Required to connect to a nearby wireless network

Required to connect to a nearby wireless network


The App connects to camera on a WiFi network

The App connects to camera on a WiFi network

Power-saving mode 


Power Saving mode sometimes interfere with connecting to a network

Local Network permission

Permission to send Wireless configuration from the app to the camera


Use Wireless Profiles

Just as on Dashboard, wireless configuration is saved as Wireless Profiles. Select one of the wireless profiles by tapping on it.

Existing Wireless Profile

New Wireless Profile

MV2 Wireless Onboarding Wireless Profile 1.PNG

MV2 Wireless Onboarding Wireless Profile 2.PNG

Connect to the camera

After the profiles are selected, the mobile device connects to the camera. There is a prompt within the app. Select Join to proceed.

MV2 Wireless Onboarding Connect Camera 1.PNG MV2 Wireless Onboarding Connect Camera 2.png

Once the mobile device associates to the camera and gets an IP address, the LED on the camera turns to solid white. If the app fails to associate with the camera, the following error shows up. 

MV2 Wireless Onboarding Connect Camera 3.jpeg MV2 Wireless Onboarding Connect Camera 4.jpg

Receive Additional Feedback

Before proceeding further, if the previous attempt to onboard the camera had failed, the following screen notifies the error previously encountered. If you have already checked the error below, hit continue
MV2 Wireless Onboarding Feedback.jpg

Receive Confirmation

Once the flow completes, the camera will be ready to view as soon as it connects to Dashabord
MV2 Wireless Onboarding Confirmation.jpg

After the wireless onboarding completes, leave the camera powered on and connected for 30 minutes to allow the camera to upgrade its firmware

Factory Resetting the camera

To factory reset the camera, leave the camera plugged in and press the reset button at the base of the camera for 8 seconds with a paper-clip

MV2 Wireless Onboarding Factory Reset.jpg


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