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Meraki Display Hardware Guide Apple 2022 Apple TV 4K Wi‑Fi with 64GB Storage (3rd Generation)  : Electronics

Choice of Hardware

We recommend purchasing the latest generation of Apple TV hardware with an ethernet port for Meraki Display for improved performance and LAN connection. The suggested hardware models are:

  1. Apple TV 4K (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + Ethernet
  2. Apple TV 4K (2nd generation) 

Apple TV (3rd generation) and prior do not support the App Store; Meraki Display cannot be downloaded in those models. You can identify your Apple TV models with this guide.

Hardware Purchase

Meraki does not offer to sell Apple TVs; we will not take purchase, hardware repair, or hardware replacement requests. Purchase of Apple TV should be made directly from Apple or from a 3rd party vendor. You can leverage Apple Business Manager and Meraki Systems Manager to simplify purchasing, deploying, and managing your Apple TV hardware.

Hardware Repair

Apple TV repair is available through the official Apple services. Please contact Apple for up-to-date warranty information for your Apple TVs.

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