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MV22X and MV72X Storage Capacity FAQ

This article outlines a storage capacity issue in certain MV22X and MV72X models, impacting video retention. Users have the choice of replacement, a free one-year MV license, or a free Cloud Archive license as remediation options, and future orders remain unaffected.


We recently discovered that the storage capacity in some MV22Xs and MV72Xs have not been manufactured to specification. 

What is the issue?

A subset of MV22Xs and MV72Xs have been manufactured with a 480GB storage component instead of the specified 512GB storage component. This manufacturing discrepancy has a direct impact on the number of days your video is stored, thereby affecting any retention, regulation, or compliance requirements you may be subject to.

Which Meraki devices are impacted?

Certain MV22X and MV72X models. This discrepancy has been addressed; no future orders will be affected. 

How can impacted MVs be identified?

Please contact Meraki Technical Support to request a list of your impacted MV serial numbers. 

Open a case via:

How are we fixing this issue? 

We are recommending you review your impacted cameras’ retention data on dashboard to determine whether you are satisfying your retention requirements. If you are not satisfied with your cameras’ present retention constraints, we will be offering two options for remediation:

  • You may opt for a standard RMA process where you can order replacement cameras that are properly manufactured to specification. Once replacements are received, you should return your impacted cameras to Meraki; or 
  • You may keep your current cameras and opt for a free one-year MV license per camera or supplement storage capacity with one of the following free one-year Cloud Archive licenses: LIC-MV-CA30-1Y or LIC-MV-CA90-1YR. The option to choose a Cloud Archive license with either 30 or 90 days of video is up to you, depending on any maximum retention requirements you may have.

Does the licensing model affect which remediation option should be pursued?

If you use the per-device licensing (PDL) model, you may choose any of the above outlined remediation options. 

If you use the co-termination licensing model, you can select the free one-year Cloud Archive license to support your existing MV(s). The free one-year MV license can be selected only if deploying a net-new MV device and is not intended for existing MV devices in the co-termination licensing model. 

Any customer, regardless of licensing model, may choose the RMA option. 

Is there a time limit to opt for the free one-year license?

You will be able to request a free one-year MV license or a free one-year Cloud Archive license up to one year after being notified of the issue (September 15, 2023). 

Can the impacted MVs be used until a replacement is received?

Yes, you may continue to use your MVs. However, if your MVs are not meeting your retention requirements, you should seek one of the above outlined remediation options. 

How long will it take to receive replacements if the RMA option is chosen?

RMA orders take approximately four months to complete; however, customers in certain countries may see delays due to import restrictions.

What action needs to be taken to sign up for the free one-year license or one-year cloud archive access?

Please contact Meraki Technical Support to select the preferred remediation option. (See the question “How can impacted MVs be identified?” for instructions.)

If one of the license options is chosen, how long will it take to get access to the license?

Orders for licenses will be processed on a weekly basis. Access to the license will be granted within a few hours of the order being processed.

How have we ensured no future MVs are impacted by this issue?

We have implemented an internal process update that prevents this issue from occurring in the future. Orders can still be placed for MV22Xs and MV72Xs; no future orders will be affected.

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