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Troubleshooting and Replacing a Faulty MV

There are some circumstances where a Cisco Meraki MV will fail to function. Sometimes, you may simply need to reset the camera to factory defaults (to do this, review the article: Resetting Cisco Meraki Devices to Factory Defaults). In some circumstances, the device has undergone hardware failure and will need to be replaced. However, many symptoms that appear to reflect a failure can be explained and resolved by troubleshooting. This article outlines common symptoms and troubleshooting steps that can be followed to determine if the MV is failed and requires replacement.


When determining if a Cisco Meraki MV is faulty, the following checks must be made. As per the device's replacement warranty, Cisco Meraki can replace a faulty device. However, in order to satisfy all stakeholders and minimize both downtime and cost, troubleshooting must be done to determine if an RMA is the correct path to follow.
The following symptoms and steps will help determine if an MV has failed:

LED is not lit on the unit

  • How is the MV powered?
    • If using a PoE injector, replace cabling between the MV and “out” jack on the PoE injector, and the cable from the “in” jack on the PoE injector to the LAN. Ensure all Ethernet cabling is less than 100 meters in length.
    • If using a PoE switch, ensure the switch is IEEE 802.3af (or IEEE 802.3at for MV71) certified, ensure that the switchport that the MV is plugged into is enabled and has PoE enabled. Replace cabling and ensure it is less than 100 meters in length. Try another known working switchport that powers another Cisco Meraki MV. Try another ASIC on the switch to rule out a bad ASIC. Try another PoE switch that is known to be working.

If the LED does not light up on the MV, this unit is faulty and needs an RMA.

Replacing Faulty MV's (RMA) 

If the steps outlined above have been followed and indicate that the unit requires an RMA, please contact Support to begin the RMA process. Please be prepared to outline the troubleshooting steps that have been taken so far, as well as provide a shipping address to help expedite the process.

Note: Support may recommend additional troubleshooting steps not outlined in this article, depending on the nature of the specific issue.

Please also reference our RMA documentation article for additional information about device replacement.


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