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Video Retention


Each MV camera has up to 256GB of integrated, state of the art, industrial-grade storage. All video from the camera is recorded onto this storage.

There are two modes of video quality for MV21 and MV71, Standard Quality and Enhanced Quality. Standard Quality will capture 720p videos at 535 kbps/8 fps. Enhanced Quality will capture 720p videos at 765 kbps/15fps. The recording modes available are continuous, scheduled and motion-based retention. 

The MV12 supports all of the above quality and retention options but with the addition of three 1080p video quality options. These are as follows:

  •  Standard -  1024 kbps at 8 fps

  • Enhanced - 1562 kbps at 15 fps

  • High -  3138 kbps at 20 fps


To select the quality setting, go to the Settings > Quality and Retention from a camera details page.


Max Retention

It is possible to set a maximum retention period for each individual camera. Select from the dropdown menu under Cameras > Settings > Quality and Retention > When should this camera delete footage? Footage will be recorded and deleted in the same way as before, on a first-in-first-out basis, up until the maximum retention time.



Live video only

In certain scenarios, recording any historical footage is disallowed. To enable "live video only" mode, apply a recording schedule that disables recording 24/7.

This will disable the creation of motion metadata. Motion heatmaps will not generate for live video only cameras. 


Deleting video from the camera

When camera nears full capacity of the internal storage, it will start deleting the oldest video stored. To delete all video at once from the camera, simply remove the camera from its network. This can done by selecting a camera under Camera > Monitor > Cameras and clicking the move option.

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