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AnyConnect VPN Okta SAML Configuration

AnyConnect VPN Okta SAML Configuration

This document highlights how to setup authentication with Okta using SAML for AnyConnect VPN on the MX Appliance. SAML is an XML-based framework for exchanging authentication and authorization data between security domains. It creates a circle of trust between the user, a Service Provider (SP), and an Identity Provider (IdP) which allows the user to sign in a single time for multiple services.

SAML authentication requires MX firmware version 16.16+ or 17.5+

For additional information, refer to the AnyConnect configuration guide.

Step 1. Create an Account with Okta

Step 2. Go to “Applications” -> "Applications" → “Create App Integration" → "SAML 2.0"

Step 3. Configure an App name e.g Meraki AnyConnect VPN  => Next.

Step 5. General Settings: For "Sign On Method" choose "SAML 2.0"

Step 6.  If my AnyConnect Server URL is "", Okta should be configured as follows:

Single sign on URL:

Audience URI (SP Entity ID):

Leave other advance settings to default

Step 7. "Sign On" tab --> "View Setup Instructions" to download IdP metadata file

Step 8. "Assignments"  tab to assign the Users you have created to the app, If you have not created any user: Click on Directory --> Add Person

Step 9. Configure your AnyConnect Server on the Meraki Dashboard 

  • Set Authentication Type to SAML

Authentication type option SAML

Configure your AnyConnect URL - 
(add “:port” to the end of the URL if using a port other than the default port 443)
Please ensure your AnyConnect URL starts with "https://"

Configure AnyConnect server URL

  • Upload the SAML Metadata file downloaded in step 7 above

    Upload the SAML Metadata file

  • Save your configuration.

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