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Creating an Apple MDM Push Certificate

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To create and upload an Apple push certificate to manage your iOS devices through Systems Manager, complete the 5 steps found on the Organization > MDM > Apple MDM page, also shown below.

Best practice is to use an Apple ID in the Apple Push Certificate Portal that belongs to your organization rather than a personal account, if possible. Losing access to the original Apple ID (and therefore the original Apple Push certificate) would result in losing management of the previously enrolled devices. 


A valid certificate generated from the Apple Push Certificate Portal is named MDM_ Meraki Inc._Certificate.pem. If the push certificate you create is listed under a different name, the certificate will not be accepted when uploaded into Dashboard (re-naming the file will not resolve the issue).  

The most common cause for this error is when the process is completed using Internet Explorer. There are a few known compatibility issues with Internet Explorer, so it is recommended you obtain the certificate using the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


After 365 days, the Apple Push Notification service certificate will expire so be sure to renew the Apple Push certificate accordingly. In order to keep the previously enrolled devices remaining enrolled, it is important to renew this same exact certificate. 

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