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Deploy Systems Manager Windows agents with imaging software

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To deploy a Systems Manager agent as part of a software image follow these steps.

  1. Add the Windows installer to the PC that will be the base image (Do not run it). This can be found under MDM > Add devices > Windows in a Systems Manager network.
  2. To minimize the times a Client needs to be touched, consider making a .bat file script that will run the image on the client upon startup.This .BAT example will silently run the installer, delete the installer executable, and delete itself. Exclude all '<' '>' characters.
    MSIEXEC /i C:\<filepath>\<MerakiPCCAgent.msi> /qn
    del C:\<filepath>\<MerakiPCCAgent.msi>
    del C:\<filepath>\<scriptname.bat>
  3. Assign this script as a startup script on the base image and it will run the first time the client is booted and the client will be added to Systems Manager.
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