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Windows Enrollment

On-device Enrollment  

If you have a Dashboard account set up with an EMM network, you can find instructions under Systems manager > MDM > Add devices, or follow along the steps below.

Note that there are two methods for Windows installation: Agent or Profile. Either one can be used for enrollment, but since each enables a different subset of features, both should be utilized when possible to access all available MDM features.

Profile installation is only supported on Windows 10 and Windows Mobile 10, and only on non-Legacy Systems Manager accounts. Other Windows desktop versions, and Legacy customers will need to use the agent installation.

Agent Installation 

It is important to note that an agent installer package is network specific, meaning you must use an install package downloaded directly from the Systems Manager network from which you wish to manage your clients. In addition, Systems Manager software must be installed with local administrator privileges as applicable by the device type.

  • Navigate to MDM > Add devices > Windows
  • Click the Download button. MerakiPCCAgent.msi should begin downloading. Note that this installer will enroll devices into the Systems Manager network it was downloaded from.

  • After the installer finishes downloading, double-click MerakiPCCAgent.msi and click Run when prompted.
  • Accept the Licensing Agreement and click Install.
  • Once the Systems Manager Agent has finished installing, your Windows device will show up under Monitor > Clients in Dashboard as soon as it has an Internet connection.

You can also use methods like Systems Manager Sentry or Active Directory Group Policy Objects to install the agent en masse. 

Profile Installation 

  • Navigate to MDM > Add devices > Windows
  • From the device, open: m.meraki.com
    • For MDM, click the link to open the Work access settings page.
    • Otherwise, enter your network ID, where XXX-XXX-XXXX is the network-specific ID.
    • For the agent, click the link to download the Systems Manager Agent and install the downloaded executable.
  • Click Connect on mobile, or on native Windows 10 click 'Enroll in to device management' or 'Enroll only in device management'.
  • Enter your email address, click Connect or Continue.
  • In the Server box, enter your server URL (check your browser URL while signed into Dashboard, e.g. n7.meraki.com), and click Connect or Continue.
  • Enter your network ID, where XXX-XXX-XXXX is the network-specific ID.
  • Click register.
  • The device will automatically synchronize with the Meraki Cloud and appear in the client list.

Additional Enrollment Methods 

SM Sentry Enrollment SSID 

You can also use SM Sentry to force iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices to enroll in Systems Manager for an efficient mass deployment or BYOD. When enabled on a given SSID for a Cisco Meraki wireless AP, Sentry facilitates the secure and rapid onboarding and deployment of SM to mobile devices. For more information on Systems Manager Sentry enrollment, please visit the following page.

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