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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Systems Manager Alerts

Several alerts can be configured to inform you and other network administrators of modifications made to your Systems Manager network. On a standalone Systems Manager network, these can be configured under Systems Manager > Configure > Alerts. In a combined network, all alerts are configured under Network-wide > Configure > Alerts.

  • Software Alerts

Checking this option will enable the Meraki cloud to send a nightly email to the network administrators listed in the “Delivery Settings” section regarding Systems Manager clients that have software installed matching the listed regular expression*.

*The expression field must be a valid POSIX regular expression, and the search is performed case insensitive. For example, if you want to receive a complete list of all software installed in the last day, you would enter ".*" (without quotes). If instead you wanted to be alerted when Starcraft or Warcraft is installed, you would enter "starcraft|warcraft" (without quotes).

  • Connectivity Alerts

Checking this option will enable the Meraki cloud to send an email* whenever a client endpoint with a specific tag stops checking-in for more than the determined time threshold. This will alert an administrator of any abnormal client outage.

*You will also receive an email when the client comes back online.
Client tags can be set by clicking on a client from the Monitor > Clients tab, clicking edit, and then editing the tags field. Please see Tagging Devices for more information.

  • Geofencing Alerts

This section gives you the option to enable the Meraki cloud to send an e-mail whenever a client endpoint violates a geofencing policy. You can also check the option to have an e-mail sent when a client re-enters their geofencing region after violating a geofencing policy.

  • Enrollment Alerts

Checking this option will enable the Meraki cloud to send an email when a client endpoint enrolls in a network. This will alert an administrator when an endpoint is added to a network.

  • Mobile Endpoint Management

If a client endpoint managed by Systems Manager has its Meraki Management profile removed, checking this option will allow the MCC to send an email to the network administrators listed in the “Delivery Settings” section.

It is very important to ensure that your managed endpoints retain the Meraki management profile, as this is the way your client endpoint checks in to the Meraki cloud.

For iOS endpoints, there is currently no way to password-protect the management profile from being deleted. From the end user perspective, removing the management profile will result in the possible loss of wireless connectivity, apps, and any enhancements gained from being managed by a Systems Manager network.

  • APNS certificate expires in X days.

When enabled, Systems Manager will send a daily email alert if the Apple Push Notification Service certificate expires within the set time threshold. The maximum threshold is 90 days and the minimum is 1 day.