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Troubleshooting SM Clients that Fail to Check-in to Dashboard

This article provides some basic troubleshooting steps for devices that fail to check into Dashboard.

For all platforms, please verify that you've already configured your firewall per this knowledge base article:  Configuring your Firewall for Meraki devices to communicate with the Meraki cloud


  1. Does the device have an Internet connection?  Note: The Systems Manager agent does not currently support operation behind a proxy.
  2. Open up your task manager and see if m_agent_service.exe is currently running.  If it has stopped responding, you can restart it by doing the following:
    1. Open up the Run window and type in services.msc
    2. Look for a service called "Meraki Systems Manager Agent" and start/restart it.
    3. Ensure that the service is set to "Startup Type: Automatic".
  3. For Agent ≤ 3.6.0 look in: C:\Windows\Temp
    For Agent ≥ 3.7.0 look in: C:\ProgramData\Meraki\Systems Manager Agent\Logs

    There should be several log files in that directory that start with m_agent_service.  You can look through these logs to see if you can find any errors the Systems Manager agent is throwing. For more information see Windows Logging and Troubleshooting.

Mac OS X

  1. Does the device have an Internet connection?
  2. Open up a terminal interface and run "ps aux".  Verify that the following is an entry "/usr/sbin/m_agent --verbose --log /var/log/m_agent.log --pid-file /var/run/".  If this does not exist, then you may need to re-install the Systems Manager agent.
  3. You can use the terminal to cat /var/log/m_agent.log and see if the agent is throwing any errors.


  1. Is your device associated to a wireless access point and is a connection to the Internet available?
  2. Look in Settings > General > Device Management.  Are the Meraki Management and any additional configured profiles listed there?  If so, does the Meraki Management profile description accurately reflect that of your Systems Manager dashboard network name?
  3. Install Apple Configurator to a workstation, plug in the iOS device via USB, and look at the console output of the device.  You should see events in the output that start with "mdm".


  1. Does your device have an Internet connection?
  2. You can clear the cache of the Systems Manager Android app by going to Settings > Application manager > Systems Manager and then select "Clear cache".
  3. If you've downloaded the Android Developer Tools, you can check the console output of your Android device in real time (while running a Systems Manager agent) if you go to the android-sdk\platform-tools\ directory and run "adb logcat".
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