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Cisco Meraki

Web Clips in Systems Manager

Web clips offer an easy way to push web links to iOS clients, based on profile membership. Web clips can be configured in Dashboard, under Systems Manager > Manage > Settings.

The image below shows an example web clip that points to displayed on an iOS device:

Web Clips are considered to be an 'app' for the purposes of the Show/Hide Apps payload. If you are using the Show/Hide Apps payload in conjunction with Web Clips, ensure that you add '' to the shown apps.



Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 4.31.21 PM.png

  • Label: The label that will be displayed on the device in question.
    Note: After this has been pushed to a device editing the name on dashboard will not cause the label to change on the device.
  • URL: Destination site for the web clip.
    Note: This URL should only link to a direct site, redirects are not supported by web clips.
  • Icon: The icon that is displayed on the client. By default, web clips use a simple grey/white icon.
  • Removable: If disabled, the only way to remove the web clip will be to wipe the device itself; removal of the profile won't remove the clip.
  • Full Screen: Forces the icon to remain consistent, so it is recommended to enable this setting when using a custom icon. If unchecked, the icon will change to the navicon of the destination site when opened.
  • Precomposed: If enabled, the icon will display exactly as uploaded. If disabled, Dashboard will add some minor aesthetic changes to improve the icon's look on the end device.