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Splash Page Frequency

A splash page provides a customized branding experience to wireless users and prompts for username/password credentials. Billing SSIDs used for hotspots utilize splash pages to obtain payment information prior to granting access to the internet.  Splash page frequency varies depending on the SSID configuration and the certain variables that control the splash behavior. 

Click-through or Sign-on Splash Page

On networks with click-through splash page enabled, the splash page display frequency is determined by the Splash Behavior option located on the Wireless/Security appliance > Configure > Splash page.  The default splash display frequency is 1 day:

Billing Networks

Users associated to billing networks see the splash page whenever their paid access period expires. Cisco Meraki stores a cookie in the user’s browser that indicates the expiration of the access period. If the end user clears their browser cookies they may be presented with the billing splash page. If the end user clears their browser cookies prior to the expiration of their purchased access period, the user will be presented with the splash page but will not need to re-pay for access.

Sign-on with RADIUS Authentication

On a RADIUS-enabled network, splash page frequency is governed by the RADIUS session-timeout attribute configured on your RADIUS server.  If the attribute is not set, the default value is 30 days.

Additional Resources

See our documentation on Troubleshooting Splash page appearance frequency for more information. 

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