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Resetting a Dashboard Administrator's Password

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A password reset is usually performed when Dashboard users lose or forget their credentials. However, password reset is a necessary step when administrators of multiple organizations/networks or Managed Service Providers (MSPs) want to add a new organization to their multi-org dashboard view. For more information on issues showing multiple organizations under a same dashboard account please click here.

Note: An organization admin can not reset or modify a network admin password.

The following instructions explain how to perform a Dashboard password reset.

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard login page, at dashboard.meraki.com, and click on I forgot my password.

  1. Type the email address for which the password reset needs to be performed and click “Submit”. The text field is case sensitive, so make sure any capitalized letters match that of your registered email address on Dashboard. 

  1. If the email address provided is registered as a valid Meraki Dashboard account, a password reset confirmation email will be sent to this email address with a password reset link as follows:

This link will expire after one day. Follow the link provided to enter and confirm a new password.

Note: You can set a previously used password. This is useful for users that perform the password reset with the only purpose of adding new organization to their multi-org view and not to change their password.

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