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Locating the Meraki Customer Number or Support Passcode

Within Dashboard, the Meraki Customer Number (MCN) and Support Passcode are used to identify both accounts and users associated with the Dashboard organization. These are typically used during interactions with Meraki Support to help verify users' identities for security purposes.


Meraki Customer Number (MCN)

Your Meraki Customer Number (MCN) can be found by clicking your account in the top-right corner of the dashboard.




Support Passcode


Your support passcode can be found by clicking your account name in the top-right corner, and then selecting My profile. On this page is a section labeled Your support passcode for today.




Old Help Page

Both the MCN and support passcode can be located in Dashboard as follows:

  1. In Dashboard, navigate to the Help tab on the left-hand side near the bottom.
  2. Click on Get help.
  3. Your MCN and support passcode will be located on the Contact Meraki Support section:


Note: The support passcode displayed is unique for each Dashboard user, and is randomized daily. Please note that a passcode provided on a given day will be different the following day, and there is no historical record of previous passcodes.


New Help Page

Under Still need help? there are a few Meraki contact options. Select the Call option from this list.




Your support passcode and MCN will appear in this box.





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