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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Brownfield Secure Connect Foundation Deployment without the Nextgen Cloud Native traffic acquisition headend.

After clicking on Secure Connect > Sites all the Meraki SDWAN Networks associated with their respective Cloud Hubs (preivously configured and deployed) will automatically show up in the Sites page.


To connect additional Meraki SD-WAN Sites to Secure Connect regions, Click on > Add Site. This will list all the Meraki SD-WAN Sites that are not connect to Secure Connect.

Note: The list of networks will include all Meraki networks that has either any MX or any Z-Teleworker appliance. Currently this list will show only Meraki SD-WAN sites configured as spokes.

Note: The current recommendations for Meraki SD-WAN networks configured as Hubs to integrate with Cisco+ Secure Connect are:

1.     To convert the Hub to a Spoke and then connect them to Cisco+ Secure Connect using the below Sites flow.  

2.     To use the Meraki Third Party Peering IPSEC tunnel to Cisco+ Secure Connect.

However, in case of critical infrastructure dependency with a HUB network please reach out to your sales team to request for Meraki Hub Network Integration with Cisco+ Secure Connect preview.



From the list of Meraki SD-WAN Networks, select the networks that needs to be connected to Secure Connect. Click on > Assign to Region or Cloud Hub drop down > Select an existing Cloud Hub to which the selected networks need to connect.



To connect networks to a new Cloud Hub in same region or different region Click on the Sites Page > Configure Cloud Hubs


A new window will pop up and Click on > Add Cloud Hub. Create and name a new Cloud Hub, from the drop down choose the regions where we need to deploy the Cloud Hub and Click on > Save.

Wait for the Cloud Hubs to be deployed and after which re-select the networks that need to be attached to this newly created Cloud Hub.


On the Sites page > Click on Add Site > From the list of Meraki SD-WAN Networks, select the networks that needs to be connected to Secure Connect. Click on > Assign to Region or Cloud Hub drop down > to which the selected networks need to connect > Click on the newly created Cloud Hub



All selected networks will move to the Assigned tab and all unselected networks will stay in the Unassigned tab. 


Click on Next > Review the Sites that needs to be added to the selected Cloud Hub. Click on > Finish & Save.


After successfully deploying and connecting your Meraki SD-WAN networks to Cisco+ Secure Connect. For more information on understanding all the incremental transactions and additional insight on Cisco+ Secure Connect Foundation deployment and capabilities CLICK HERE