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Remote Access - Log Export

Remote Access Log Export

This feature enables the ability to export Remote Access logs to a CSV or JSON file so that users can perform a manual analysis of connectivity logs for Remote Access users.

It located in the navigation Secure Connect -> Identities & Connections -> Remote Access.

After completing the Remote Access setup, you will find Remote access logs located on the lower left corner of Remote Access page.

RA landing page - highlight RA log export.png

You can pick a Range from the dropdown or click View all RA logs to swivel to the Umbrella dashboard to see UI based Remote Access log information.

Once you pick the Range, you can select either CSV or JSON as your export format. Then click "Export CSV" or "Export JSON" button to download your log report. If you want to generate another report, click Reset and repeat above steps.

Remote Access Log2.png

Remote Access Log3.png 

Remote Access Log4.png

If you want to learn more on how to deployment Remote Access, please refer to Remote Access Deloyment