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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Enterprise Agreements


Enterprise Agreements provides customers with a simple, flexible way to consume and manage Cisco licenses.  Enterprise Agreements are subscriptions that can cover multiple organizations and allow you to over consume licenses, paying a consolidated bill at the end of your True Forward period.  Meraki licenses are accessible by customers purchasing the Networking Suite, Camera Systems Suite, or Systems Manager Suite.  These suites are available to purchase in the US,  EMEA-All, Australia, Emerging Markets, India, China and Canada. This overview article aims to review how customers can operate their Enterprise Agreement in dashboard.  Note this article is applicable to Meraki Cloud Manged IT Suites.  For information on Meraki Network Infrastructure Suites reach out to your Meraki sales rep or partner.

Activating your Enterprise Agreement in Dashboard

Your Enterprise Agreement, will be automatically bound to networks, within the organizations that were classified as install base during the sales process.  They will appear in the dashboard interface 1-3 business days after the EA Start Date.  Enterprise Agreements can support Networks across multiple Organizations.  If your EA needs to be added to additional organizations, contact Meraki support and provide your subscription ID and the organization ID you want added to your Enterprise Agreement (note you will need to be a Full Admin of the org being added and one of the orgs already in the EA).

Binding Enterprise Agreements to additional Networks

You may add additional networks to your Organizations after your Enterprise Agreement has been created.  To ensure those networks will use your Enterprise Agreement, you will need to bind the new networks to the Enterprise Agreement.  Follow the instructions on the Network Binding page.

Enterprise Agreement Licensing Compliance 

Enterprise Agreements allow users to over consume licenses within your purchased suites, and pay later at a True Forward event.  This means you will never be out of compliance for adding devices that are part of your covered suites.  Any devices that are added, and are not covered by a suite, will be out of compliance.  After a grace period these devices will have their management disabled, as outlined in the Management Disabled Expected Behavior section in the Subscription out of Compliance page

Suite Product Coverage

The table below will help you identify which products are covered by which suites:

Suite Names Product Families Covered
Networking MR, MS, MX, MG, MT, Z
Camera Systems MV
Systems Manager SM

Enterprise Agreement Utilization

Enterprise Agreements allow you to over consume your EA, and pay a consolidated bill at the end of your True Forward period.  To give you further insight into how close you are to owing a bill, or how much you are over consumed, we have added visibility into utilization of your EA in dashboard.  Visit our Enterprise Agreement Utilization page for more details.


Subscription Licensing SKUs 

The Meraki licenses included in Enterprise Agreements are Subscription Licenses and follow the same SKU structure.  This means a single SKU can cover multiple hardware devices within a device model family, enabling smooth ordering and facilitating hardware upgrades without licensing changes.  You can find a mapping between license type and corresponding hardware below: