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Meraki Go - FAQ

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Got a question about Meraki Go? Feel free to check here before reaching out to the Meraki Go Community, or Meraki Go Support.


Do I need a subscription key for Meraki Go?

As of October 7th, 2019, you no longer need a subscription to create a Meraki Go account, or to continue using Meraki Go hardware that you have previously purchsed.


Can I change the channel my Meraki Go access points are using?

Meraki Go access points utilizes something known as AutoRF, which allows them to automatically determine the best channels to be using, based on a variety of factors. Since channel changes can interrupt clients, Meraki Go access points will wait until there are no clients associated to change to a better channel if necessary.


How do I configure more than four wireless networks?

Meraki Go currently only supports the ability to configure up to four wireless networks. Each of these networks has the ability to be configured with a unique name, custom web blocking and usage settings, and the ability to turn the network into a guest network. More than four networks cannot currently be configured.


Can I combine my Meraki Go devices with Enterprise Cisco Meraki devices?

Meraki Go and Enterprise Cisco Meraki devices are unable to be combined. This means you are unable to add Meraki Go devices to the Cisco Meraki Dashboard, and vice versa, you are unable to add Enterprise Cisco Meraki devices to a Meraki Go account. Attempting to mesh Meraki Go access points with Enterprise Cisco Meraki access points is unsupported at this time and will cause unexpected behavior. However, Meraki Go and Enterprise Meraki devices will still pass network traffic among each other normally.


Does Meraki Go support having multiple logins on a single account?

Currently Meraki Go does not support having multiple logins on a single Meraki Go account via the Meraki Go App.


Do I need to have an existing internet connection to use Meraki Go?

Yes. Your Meraki Go WiFi Access Point requires an existing internet connection to be available, and does not replace your existing Internet Service Provider's modem, etc. For more onboarding and setup information, please see our Meraki Go Onboarding doc.


How many access points can I have in my Meraki Go account?

Each Meraki Go account allows you to have up to 50 Meraki Go access points (this includes any combination of indoor and outdoor access points).


How many switches can I have in my Meraki Go accounts?

There is currently no limit on switches allowed in Meraki Go accounts.


How many security appliances can I have in my Meraki Go accounts?

Only one Meraki Go Security Appliance is allowed in one account. This is due to the fact as one account should be one location, and the Security Appliance should be the entrance to the internet.

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