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Meraki Go - Backup Cloud Connection

How to troubleshoot Meraki Go devices that display alerts about using the backup Cloud connection.



The backup cloud connection is used when the primary connection fails. This helps the phone app stay up to date even if there is a problem with the primary connection to the Meraki Cloud servers.

The backup connection can use port 80 or 443, but rest assured the data is encrypted despite how it is transported.

How to Troubleshoot

Connecting to the Meraki Cloud is what allows the hardware to show as online in the Meraki Go app. For hardware to successfully check-in with the Meraki Cloud controller, the following requirements must be met:

  • The hardware must have a valid IP assigned. If DHCP does not automatically provide your hardware with an IP address, reference the static IP assignment article for help assigning an IP address to your device.
  • UDP port 7351 must be allowed on any firewalls or devices upstream. The Meraki Go hardware uses the UDP protocol on the referenced ports to check-in to the cloud.


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