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Disabling Automatic Network Discovery on the Systems Manager App

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The Meraki Systems Manager app for iOS and Android displays a list of SM networks to join when the device is connected to a MR Access Point network on the same Dashboard organization. Click here for more information about Dashboard Organizational Structure. 

This makes the device easier to enroll in a Systems Manager network because the end-user does not have to type in a ten digit network-id. For more information on device enrollment click here.

To prevent automatic network discovery on the Meraki Systems Manager app:   

  1. Select your Systems Manager network in Dashboard. 
  2. Navigate to Configure > General.
  3. Scroll down to Enrollment settings and check Disable for "Network discovery".
  4. Click the Save Changes button.


Repeat these steps for any additional Systems Manager networks that requires the prevention of automatic network discovery.


Note: The network-id can be distributed to the user on a per-request basis. Please consult the Mobile > Deployment page for distribution methods.

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