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Recovering DEP-Enrolled Devices

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If a device has been enrolled via Apple's Device Enrollment Program, and is then removed from the clients list in Dashboard, it may not reappear automatically. The following steps outline how to recover a DEP client in Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Systems manager > MDM > DEP. This will sync Dashboard with Apple, and may recover the client. If not, move on to step 2.
  2. Visit deploy.apple.com.
  3. Disassociate the client from the Meraki MDM Server by setting the Server Association to Unassigned.
  4. Navigate back to Dashboard, then Systems manager > MDM > DEP to sync again.
  5. Go back to Apple and reassign the client to the Meraki MDM Server.
  6. Visit Systems manager > MDM > DEP in Dashboard once more to complete the final sync.
  7. The DEP-enrolled device will be seen as "new," and should appear again in the clients list.
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