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Editing Managed Client Details

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When viewing the managed client list, certain attributes of a particular client can be assigned manually by clicking that client and editing details. These attributes include:

  • Name: Set the name as you want it to appear in the client list
  • Notes: Enter details specific to a particular client
  • Change network: Move a client to another Systems Manager network in the same organization by choosing the destination network in the drop down or remove client from the network completely
  • Tags: Assign device tags used for grouping devices
  • Address: Enter the postal address or coordinates of a device to adjust Google maps placement
  • Owner: Owners from the Configure > Owners page can be assigned here.

Like any other Meraki product, adding details to specific clients will give administrators more points to reference for inventory or troubleshooting.

After editing any details of a client make sure to click "Save" to take effect.

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