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Cisco Meraki

Private Applications and Networks Configuration

Defining a Private Application

A private application is an application that is hosted on within a private datacenter or private cloud.  Cisco+ Secure Connect enables organizations to provide secure policy-based access to this application via network based access (VPN) or via browser-based access (ZTNA).   

Configuration Steps

  1. From the Secure Connect menu, navigate to Configure->Private Applications


  1. Look to the upper right hand corner, choose ADD and select Private Application
  2. Give your application a good descriptive Name and Description
  3. Select Network Based Access and/or Browser Based Access based on how the application will be accessed
  • Network Based Access-Enter in an IP address or CIDR and specify the protocol and port.  Click addnetwork.png to add addtional entries if needed


  • Browser Based Access-Enter in an IP address and select the Port.  If applicable, specify the ProtocolServer Name Indication (SNI), and enable/disable certificate validation (enabled is default)


  1. Scroll down to add the application to an Application Group (optional)


  1. Click Save

Per the resulting pop up, choose your next step

For additional information on network-based access policy rules, see Private Access Policies Configuration

For additional information on browser-based access policy rules, see 

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