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Configuring the Default Block Message

An MX or MR client can be blocked from accessing the network. When these clients attempt to connect to the network and open a web browser, they will be redirected to a blocked message. This article describes how to customize the default and client-specific blocked messages for MR or Combined dashboard networks. The Blocked Splash page is static and is not customizable at this time, but the specific message can be configured. 

Note: The Blocked Message is different and unrelated to the message that a user will receive if they are blocked via a Layer 3 or Layer 7 firewall rule or blocked via Content Filtering. The message configuration for the following sections is only available on MR Access Point dashboard networks and Combined dashboard networks. It is not available on MX Security Appliance dashboard networks. 

Network-wide Default block message 

The Network-wide Default block message is configured on a per-network basis. The message is set in the Network-wide > General configuration page.


The blocked splash page below will be presented below to the blocked clients.



Client-specific Block Message

The client-specific block message is shown when a client is blocked from a Cisco Meraki network and supersedes the Default block message. Like client and policy information, the client-specific block message is configured on a per-network basis.



With the configuration above, the client would be presented with the following splash page attempting to access a webpage. 


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