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Cloning an Organization

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) typically manage multiple Dashboard organizations at once, where each organization has its own licensing and set of devices. As a best practice, MSPs may opt to use features such as configuration templates or branding to easily deploy new networks within an organization. Should an MSP want to create a new organization with the same administrators, templates, branding, etc. as an existing organization, a new org can be cloned from the old one.

This article outlines how to clone an organization, as well as what will/will not be copied over from the old org.


The purpose of cloning an organization is to ease an MSP's deployment of a new customer, it is not intended to be used to create an identical copy of an existing organization and its networks. When a new organization is cloned, the following information and settings will be copied over from the old org:

  • Dashboard organization administrators
  • Organization administrators created through SAML
  • Configuration templates
  • Settings previously enabled by Meraki Support
  • Dashboard branding policies
  • Splash page themes
  • Datacenter location (North America, South America, Europe, Asia)
    • Also applies to cloning an organization via API


Please note that licensing and devices will not be moved over as part of the clone. Other than the items listed above, the new org will be a blank slate with its own license keys and device configurations.

How to Clone an Organization

Cloning an organization can only be done once the MSP portal has been activated. Please refer to our documentation on the MSP portal for additional information.


The following instructions outline how to clone an organization in Dashboard:

  1. After logging in to Dashboard, navigate to the MSP portal via the organization dropdown:

  2. Click the Add organization button on the upper right:

  3. Name the new organization, and select which org to clone from.
  4. Click Create org to create the org and finish the clone:


Once the organization has been created, networks can be created, licenses can be added, and the new org can be used.

Additional Resources

Please refer to the following articles for more information about MSP features and Dashboard management in general:

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