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IPv6 Device Compatibility

All Cisco Meraki networking devices are capable of passing IPv6 traffic, limited to the per-product specifics outlined below.

MR Access Points

If enabled, Cisco Meraki access points can pass clients' IPv6 traffic. This option can be configured under Network-wide > General > Device configuration > IPv6 Bridging.

Note: IPv6 can only be used on SSIDs in bridge mode.

MX Security Appliance and Teleworker Gateways

Cisco Meraki security appliances can pass IPv6 traffic in pass-through mode, but no traffic analysis or manipulation is possible when using IPv6. At this time, IPv6 traffic cannot be routed or passed along a VPN tunnel.

MS Switches

Cisco Meraki Switches can pass IPv6 traffic, as well as report information on clients using IPv6. Switch clients' IPv6 address and IPv6 address (link local) can be added as columns on the clients usage page. 

Note: IPv4 is still required for Meraki management traffic to/from the cloud.

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