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Cloning Network Settings with Configuration Sync

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Sometimes it is convenient or necessary to copy configurations from one network to another. If an Organization has multiple networks, it is possible to copy an existing MX or MR network configuration to another network. For MXes in particular, the traffic shaping and content/security filtering settings can be copied.

Note: Configuration Sync cannot be performed with a combined network


To do this from Dashboard, first navigate to Organization > Configuration Sync:


To start the process, select the desired source and target network by selecting the boxes and selecting the networks from the drop down menu:

Once the networks are selected, options are available to copy individual SSIDs, Network-Wide settings, Whitelists/Blocklists, and other settings. To do this, simply select the copy button for the desired feature. Now the settings will be configured on the other network. NOTE: This will not change the network name or the names of clients.


When creating a new network you also have the option to clone the configuration from another network.  This will copy all configuration from the existing network with the exception of local device configuration (ie. static IP assignments of the devices). 


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