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Cisco Meraki

Meraki Subscription Licensing Overview


Meraki Subscription Licensing provides customers with a simple, flexible way to consume and manage Meraki solutions.  This licensing model is available in US and EU on Sept 19th 2023. This overview article aims to introduce the concept of Network Subscriptions and highlight its key features and benefits.

Flexible Payments and Terms

Customers have greater flexibility in choosing their licensing terms from 12 months up to 120 months, including the start and end dates. This allows them to align their licensing needs with their network growth and planning strategies. Furthermore, payment methods are highly flexible, with options for monthly, quarterly, yearly, or advance payment for the entire license term.

One-Time Claim Subscription

Meraki Subscription Licensing offers the advantage of a one-time license claim for each subscription. Updates made to the subscription are automatically reflected without requiring the claiming of additional license keys.  How to Claim a Subscription

Simplified SKUs

Meraki Subscription Licensing simplifies SKU management by making SKUs hardware agnostic.  A single SKU can cover multiple hardware devices within a device model family, enabling smooth ordering and facilitating hardware upgrades without licensing changes.  

Meraki Network-Based Licensing

Meraki Subscription Licenses are associated with specific networks rather than the entire organization. This empowers customers to choose licenses that align with the unique requirements of each device within each network of a Dashboard organization for example you can have different MX tiers within one Organization under different subscriptions.  How to Bind a Network to a Subscription

Intuitive Compliance

Compliance is enforced to networks and devices rather than entire organizations.  If there are more devices on a network than licensed, only the "out of compliance" devices will be affected, while the rest of the network remains operational. This ensures license compliance while allowing flexibility in device inventory management. Meraki Subscription  Licensing Out Of Compliance

With simplified license management, network-based licensing, device flexibility, and compliance enforcement, this licensing model empowers customers with greater control, flexibility, and scalability for their networks. By offering a comprehensive and customer-centric licensing solution, Meraki continues to deliver value to its customers, enabling them to optimize their network operations effectively.

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