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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Cisco Meraki AP Devices

The Cisco Meraki MR product line has many great features, which can be used by network administrators to effectively support a company's needs. This article is a collection of common questions about the MR's features and capabilities, as well as their answers:

Can I have "corporate" and "guest" networks running simultaneously?

Yes, our APs support multiple SSIDs, which can be configured to serve any number of purposes. Each SSID can be configured with enterprise-class authentication or left open for guest users, as well as a multitude of other possible configurations. 
The following KB article explains a common strategy for implementing private and guest networks - Simple Private and Guest Wireless Network Strategy

How should I set up my AP for optimal coverage?

Setting up a wireless network for optimal coverage is a unique process for any given implementation, so there is no one best answer. However, each device in the MR product line has its own coverage patterns. These patterns can be used as a general positioning guide, then an admin can select which radio channel to use for the least amount of interference. Furthermore, the outdoor MR units can be attached to an antenna to optimize coverage.

For more information on MR coverage patterns and suggestions for good coverage and avoiding interference, please consult the following KB article:Understanding Wireless Performance and Coverage

How can I tell which AP I am connected to?

Cisco Meraki APs, by default, host a simple web page with some local configuration options and status info. By connecting to your SSID, opening a browser, and navigating to, the first page will say which AP your computer is connecting to.

For more information on using this local status page, please refer to the following KB article - Using the Cisco Meraki Device Local Status Page

Can I block individuals/groups of devices from my network?

Yes, admins can configure and manage whitelists and blocking for groups of devices by OS, and/or individual devices by MAC address. For more details on policy/blocking management and implementation, please consult the following KB articles:

​​​​​​​Does my AP support Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)?

At this time, Cisco Meraki devices do not support WPS for establishing a network. 

Can I mesh my AP with 3rd party devices or non-MR Cisco Meraki devices?

While it may be possible to set up a heterogeneous mesh network that incorporates non-MR devices, official testing has not been completed and Cisco Meraki support cannot help troubleshoot issues with non-MR meshing.

Do Cisco Meraki APs support Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)?

Yes, UPnP-ready devices will be visible on the network, but the AP must be in bridge mode for the device to be visible on the wired LAN. 

To read more on bridge mode vs. NAT mode, please consult the following KB article - SSID Modes for Client IP Assignment

Does my AP have a built-in DHCP server?

Yes, MR devices can be put into NAT mode, which will put connecting devices on a private network and serve IP addresses via DHCP. The features of this DHCP server are very limited however, and currently admins cannot make changes to the functionality of this server.

To read more about NAT mode and the accompanying DHCP server, please consult the following article: Cisco Meraki DHCP in NAT Mode

Approx. how many simultaneous users can my device handle?

The number of users that an individual AP can support is entirely dependent on the amount of traffic generated by those users - if users generate more traffic, the AP will be able to handle fewer users, and vice-versa. The actual supported (estimated) throughput of individual MR units can be read on the following KB article - Limitations of Wireless Throughput

Do MR devices support Point to Point over Ethernet (PPPoE)

PPPoE is not currently supported by our MR-series devices, however there is a workaround that involves connecting the ethernet port of an MR device into an MX Security Appliance or 3rd-party PPPoE-ready router.

For more information, please consult the following KB article - Support for PPPoE on Cisco Meraki Devices

Are MR devices plenum-rated?

Yes, the Cisco Meraki MR indoor access points are plenum-rated, so they can be installed above ceilings in plenum areas.

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