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Catalyst 9300-M Datasheet


The Catalyst 9300-M addresses the most demanding enterprise applications by combining the simplicity of the Meraki dashboard with powerful switching hardware. To satisfy high-bandwidth applications and the deployment of high-speed 802.11ax/wifi-6 access points, the Catalyst 9300-M provides multigigabit ports, 480G stacking, and modular 10/40G uplinks. The Catalyst 9300-M delivers resiliency with fast stack convergence and StackPower. The Catalyst 9300-M provides Adaptive Policy using an over-the-wire tag which segments traffic into security groups to deliver scalable security. The Catalyst 9300-M is integrated under the Meraki dashboard to provide a simply powerful solution to the most demanding wired access applications.

Adaptive Policy provides simple & scalable security policies to segment traffic using Security Groups. Security Groups are created in the dashboard using natural language such as “IOT device” & “Guest.” The security policy intent (e.g., Permit or Deny) is then simply provisioned between Security Groups which results in the segmentation of each group’s traffic. By making security policy management intuitive and scalable relative to legacy IP-address based Access Control Lists, Adaptive Policy empowers operators to confidently secure their network traffic independent of future network changes. 

By pooling & distributing power across C9300-Ms using a series of StackPower cables, StackPower provides simple and resilient power distribution across the stack.

C9300-24X on transparent background.png

A Catalyst 9300 switch can also be migrated to a Meraki-managed persona, where it would function as its Catalyst Meraki 9300 equivalent. For details on the migration process, please refer to our Getting started: Cisco Catalyst 9300 with Meraki Dashboard guide.


Number of Ports Model Description


C9300-24S-M 24-port SFP switch
C9300-48S-M 48-port SFP switch


24 Ports 

C9300-24T-M 24-port GbE switch
C9300-24P-M 24-port GbE PoE+ switch
C9300-24U-M 24-port GbE UPoE switch
C9300-24UX-M 24-port mGbE UPoE switch


48 Ports

C9300-48T-M 48-port GbE switch
C9300-48P-M 48-port GbE PoE+ switch
C9300-48U-M 48-port GbE UPoE switch
C9300-48UXM-M 36-port 2.5GbE + 12-port mGbE UPoE switch
C9300-48UN-M 48-port 5GbE UPOE switch


Category Features
  • Layer-3
  • 40G or 10G modular uplink options on all models
  • mGig support
  • Dual Dedicated 120G Hardware Stacking Ports
  • PoE+ and UPoE Support 
  • StackPower in a ring topology supporting upto 4 switches
  • Managed via Cisco Meraki Dashboard 
  • Zero-touch remote provisioning (no staging needed)
  • Basic configuration capability via local management page
  • Detailed historical per-port and per-client usage statistics
  • Operating System, device, and hostname fingerprinting
  • Automatic firmware upgrades with scheduling control
  • SNMP and SYSLOG support for integration with other network management solutions*
Remote Diagnostics
  • Email, SMS and Mobile push notification alerts
  • Ping, traceroute, cable testing, and link failure detection with alerting
  • Remote packet capture
  • Dynamic and interactive network discovery and topology
  • Combined event and configuration change logs with instant search
  • Physically stack up to 8 switches with 480 Gbps of stacking bandwidth on all models
  • Virtual stacking supports thousands of switch ports in a single logical stack for unified management, monitoring, and configuration
  • Faster convergence
  • StackPower in a ring topology supporting upto 4 switches
Ethernet Switching Capabilities
  • 802.1p Quality of Service, 8 queues (w/ 6 configurable for DSCP-to-CoS mapping)
  • 802.1Q VLAN and trunking support for up to 4,094 VLANs (1000 active VLANs with STP enabled)

  • Single Instance of 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (interoperable with RSTP, STP, PVST, RPVST)
  • STP Enhancements: BPDU guard, Root guard, Loop guard, UDLD
  • Broadcast storm control
  • 802.1ab Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) and Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)
  • 802.3ad Link aggregation with up to 8 ports per aggregate, multi-chassis aggregates supported on stacked switches
  • Port mirroring
  • IGMP snooping for multicast filtering
  • MAC Forwarding Entries: 32K
Layer 3
  • Static routing, OSPFv2
  • Multicast routing (PIM-ASM)
  • Warm Spare (VRRP) *
  • DHCP Server, DHCP Relay
  • Integrated multi-factor authentication for Dashboard management
  • Role-based access control (RBAC) with granular device and configuration control
  • Corporate wide password policy enforcement
  • IEEE 802.1X RADIUS and MAB, hybrid authentication and RADIUS server testing
  • Single-Host/Multi-Domain/Multi-Host/Multi Authentication
  • Port security: Sticky MAC, MAC whitelisting *
  • DHCP snooping, detection and blocking, Dynamic ARP Inspection
  • IPv4 and IPv6 ACLs
  • Secure Connect *
  • Adaptive Policy 

* Available in a future software release

Catalyst 9300-M Licensing

Catalyst 9300-M license structure includes two feature tiers:  Enterprise and Advanced.  As with all Meraki managed switches, every Catalyst 9300-M license is available in 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10 year terms.

Catalyst 9300-M License Structure 24-Port 48-port
Advanced Features LIC-C9300-24A LIC-C9300-48A
Enterprise Features LIC-C9300-24E LIC-C9300-48E

The features available with advanced licensing are: 

In the Co-term licensing model (most existing Organizations), an Organization must either have all Catalyst 9300-M Enterprise or all Catalyst 9300-M Advanced licenses - they cannot be mixed. In the Per-device licensing model, a mix of Enterprise and Advanced can be added to a single Organization, but certain features may require all devices in a Network to have Advanced licenses, e.g. Adaptive Policy.

Note: MS390s existing in the same co-term Organization will require the same license edition (either Enterprise or Advanced) as the Catalyst 9300-M. License types cannot be mixed and will result in an incompatible license error.

For more information on licensing, refer to Meraki Licensing Models article

Subscription licensing is also available for the Catalyst 9300-M switches

Technical Breakdown

Interfaces Specifications 


Model/Persona Interfaces

Uplink 10/40GbE 


120G Hardware Stack Port

Dedicated Management 


PoE/ UPoE 


C9300-24S-M 24 x 1G SFP Modular 2 1 n/a
C9300-24T-M 24 x 1GbE RJ45 Modular 2 1 n/a
C9300-24P-M 24 x 1GbE RJ45 Modular 2 1 PoE
C9300-24U-M 24 x 1GbE RJ45 Modular 2 1 UPoE
C9300-24UX-M 24 x 100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G RJ45 Modular 2 1 UPoE
C9300-48S-M 48 x 1G SFP Modular 2 1 n/a
C9300-48T-M 48 x 1GbE RJ45 Modular 2 1 n/a
C9300-48P-M 48 x 1GbE RJ45 Modular 2 1 PoE
C9300-48U-M 48 x 1GbE RJ45 Modular 2 1 UPoE

36 x 100M/1G/2.5G +

12 x 100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G

Modular 2 1 UPoE
C9300-48UN-M 48 x 100M/1G/2.5G/5G Modular 2 1 UPoE


All models are available with modular uplinks that have been listed under the Accessories list. For supported SFP modules please refer the SFP Datasheet.

Cabling Best Practices for Multi-Gigabit operations: While Category-5e cables can support multigigabit data rates upto 2.5/5 Gbps, external factors such as noise, alien crosstalk coupled with longer cable/cable bundle lengths can impede reliable link operation. Noise can originate from cable bundling, RFI, cable movement, lightning, power surges and other transient event. It is recommended to use Category-6a cabling for reliable multigigabit operations as it mitigates alien crosstalk by design.

Physical Specifications


Dimensions (h x w x d)

W/ Default Power Supply

Weight Mount Type Hot Swap Fans Operating Temperature  Humidity

1.73" x 17.5" x17.7"

(4.3 x 44.4 x 44.9cm)

16.84 lb (7.64 kg) 1U Rack Mount Yes, 3x -5°C to 45°C 5 to 90%

1.73” x 17.5” x 17.7”

(4.4 x 44.5 x 44.9cm)

16.03 lb (7.27 kg) 1U Rack Mount Yes, 3x -5°C to 45°C 5 to 90%

1.73” x 17.5” x 17.7”

(4.4 x 44.5 x 44.9cm)

16.33 lb (7.4 kg) 1U Rack Mount Yes, 3x -5°C to 45°C 5 to 90%

1.73” x 17.5” x 19.2”

(4.4 x 44.5 x 44.8cm)

16.63 lb (7.54 kg) 1U Rack Mount Yes, 3x -5°C to 45°C 5 to 90%

1.73” x 17.5” x 20.2”

(4.4 x 44.5 x 51.3cm)

18.18 lb (8.25 kg) 1U Rack Mount Yes, 3x -5°C to 45°C 5 to 90%

1.73" x 17.5" x 19.2"

(4.3 x 44.4 x 44.9cm)

17.32 lb (7.86kg) 1U Rack Mount Yes, 3x -5°C to 45°C 5 to 90%

1.73” x 17.5” x17.7”

(4.4 x 44.5 x 44.9cm)

16.43 lb (7.45 kg) 1U Rack Mount Yes, 3x -5°C to 45°C 5 to 90%

1.73” x 17.5” x17.7”

(4.4 x 44.5 x 44.9cm)

16.73 lb (7.59 kg) 1U Rack Mount Yes, 3x -5°C to 45°C 5 to 90%

1.73” x 17.5” x 19.2”

(4.4 x 44.5 x 48.8cm)

17.03 lb (7.72 kg) 1U Rack Mount Yes, 3x -5°C to 45°C 5 to 90%

1.73” x 17.5” x 22.2”

(4.4 x 44.5 x 56.4cm)

20.50 lb (9.34 kg) 1U Rack Mount Yes, 3x -5°C to 45°C 5 to 90%

1.73” x 17.5” x 22.2”

(4.4 x 44.5 x 56.4cm)

20.05 lb (9.09 kg) 1U Rack Mount Yes, 3x -5°C to 45°C 5 to 90%




Switching Capacity Stacking Bandwidth Forwarding rate
C9300-24S-M 208 Gbps 480 Gbps 154.76 Mpps
C9300-24T-M 208 Gbps 480 Gbps 154.76 Mpps
C9300-24P-M 208 Gbps 480 Gbps 154.76 Mpps
C9300-24U-M 208 Gbps 480 Gbps 154.76 Mpps
C9300-24UX-M 640 Gbps 480 Gbps 476.19 Mpps
C9300-48S-M 256 Gbps 480 Gbps 190.48 Mpps
C9300-48T-M 256 Gbps 480 Gbps 190.48 Mpps
C9300-48P-M 256 Gbps 480 Gbps 190.48 Mpps
C9300-48U-M 256 Gbps 480 Gbps 190.48 Mpps
C9300-48UXM-M 580 Gbps 480 Gbps 431.54 Mpps
C9300-48UN-M 640 Gbps 480 Gbps 476.19 Mpps


Power Supply and Specifications


Default Power Supply Hot Swap Power Supply Available PoE W/ Primary PS Max Available PoE W/ Secondary PS**

Power Load


C9300-24S-M PWR-C1-715WAC-P-M Yes, Dual n/a n/a 84.60 / 124.30 W
C9300-24T-M PWR-C1-350WAC-P-M Yes, Dual n/a n/a 79.2 / 99 W
C9300-24P-M PWR-C1-715WAC-P-M Yes, Dual 445W 720W 84.1 / 554.4 W
C9300-24U-M PWR-C1-1100WAC-P-M  Yes, Dual 830W 1440W 85.4 / 990.3 W
C9300-24UX-M PWR-C1-1100WAC-P-M  Yes, Dual 560W 1440W 162.7 / 809.9 W
C9300-48S-M PWR-C1-715WAC-P-M Yes, Dual n/a n/a 88.90 / 158.30 W
C9300-48T-M PWR-C1-350WAC-P-M Yes, Dual n/a n/a 83.9 / 109.9 W
C9300-48P-M PWR-C1-715WAC-P-M Yes, Dual 437W 1152W 92.6 / 555 W
C9300-48U-M PWR-C1-1100WAC-P-M  Yes, Dual 822W 1800W 145 / 844.9 W
C9300-48UXM-M PWR-C1-1100WAC-P-M  Yes, Dual 490W 1590W 218.5 / 785.5 W
C9300-48UN-M PWR-C1-1100WAC-P-M  Yes, Dual 645W 1745W 157.9 / 843.8 W

** The PoE values are provided considering the secondary PS to be the default power supply of  the respective model.


PSU configuration and PoE budgets


Primary PSU


With 350W Secondary PSU

With 715W Secondary PSU

With 1100W Secondary PSU


PWR-C1-715WAC-P-M 445W 720W 2 720W 2 720W 2
PWR-C1-1100WAC-P-M 1 720W 2 720W 2 720W 2 720W 2
C9300-24U-M PWR-C1-1100WAC-P-M  830W 1180W 2 1440W 2 1440W 2
C9300-24UX-M PWR-C1-1100WAC-P-M  560W 910W 1275W 1440W 2


PWR-C1-715WAC-P-M 437W 787W 1152W 1440W 2
PWR-C1-1100WAC-P-M 1 822W 1172W 1440W 2 1440W 2
C9300-48U-M PWR-C1-1100WAC-P-M  822W 1172W 1537W 1800W 3
C9300-48UXM-M PWR-C1-1100WAC-P-M  490W 840W 1205W 1590W
C9300-48UN-M PWR-C1-1100WAC-P-M  645W 995W 1360W 1745W

 1 Using upgraded power supply option.
 2 Limited by port density and per-port PoE capacity.
 3  Limited by design.

Package contents

In addition to the MS switch, each shipment includes the following.

  • 1 x default power supply unit for the switch model (please refer to the power supply and specifications section)
  • Rack mount brackets (rack screws not included)
  • 3 x Pre-installed fans.

Optional Accessories

Accessory Description  Supported Models
PWR-C1-350WAC-P-M 350W AC Power Supply C9300, C9300L, C9300X
PWR-C1-715WAC-P-M 715W AC Power Supply C9300, C9300L, C9300X
PWR-C1-1100WAC-P-M 1100W AC Power Supply C9300, C9300L, C9300X
PWR-C1-1900WAC-P-M 1900W AC Power Supply (230V)** C9300, C9300X
C9300-NM-2Q-M 2 x 40G QSFP Uplink Module C9300
C9300-NM-8X-M 8 x 10G/1G SFP+ Uplink Module C9300
C9300-NM-2Y-M* 2 x 25G/10G/1G SFP28 Uplink Module C9300
STACK-T1-50CM-M Catalyst Meraki 480G Stacking Cable, 0.5 Meter C9300, C9300X
STACK-T1-1M-M Catalyst Meraki 480G Stacking Cable, 1 Meter C9300, C9300X
STACK-T1-3M-M Catalyst Meraki 480G Stacking Cable, 3 Meter C9300, C9300X
CAB-SPWR-30CM-M Catalyst 9300-M 30CM StackPower Cable C9300, C9300X
CAB-SPWR-150CM-M Catalyst 9300-M 150CM StackPower Cable C9300, C9300X
FAN-T2-M System Fan C9300, C9300L, C9300X
4PT-KIT-T2-M Catalyst 9300-M Rack Mount Kit C9300, C9300L, C9300X


*Note: The C9300-NM-2Y-M module is supported on C9300-24S/48S with firmware CS16.7(CS16GA2). Support for the other C9300 switch models will be added in CS16GA3.

**NOTE: The PWR-C1-1900WAC-P-M provides 1900 W output power when the nominal input voltage is 230 V. If the nominal input voltage is 115 V, then the output power is limited to 1500 W.  The power supply does not work with standard 125VAC power cords(common with 1100W and lower power supplies), you require a C21 power cable like the North American(C9K-PWR-CAB-AC-US). Also a good option is the universal C20-C21 jumper cable(C9K-PWR-CAB-AC-BL), suitable for Rack PDUs .  See Table 2 for all suitable worldwide  power cord options. Please note there are no -M versions of these cables, they must be ordered with the Cisco SKU. 

SFP Modules

The following SFP/Fiber transceivers are supported. For detailed SFP specifications, refer to the Meraki SFP datasheet.

Transceiver Model Standard Supported C9300-M platform

1 Gbps





1000BASE-SX over OM1/2/3/4 up to distances of 1KM

1000BASE-LX10 over OS1/0S2 up to distances of 10KM

1000BASE-T up to distances of 100M

C9300, C9300L, C9300X

10 Gbps






10GBASE-SR over OM1/2/3/4 up to distances of 400 M

10GBASE-LR over OS1/2 up to distances of 10 KM

10GBASE-ER over OS1/2 up to distances of 40 KM

10GBASE-ZR over OS1/2 up to distances of 80 KM

C9300, C9300L, C9300X


10GBASE-LRM over OM1/2/3, OS1/2 up to distances of 300 M

C9300, C9300L

40 Gbps




QSFP-MPO12 over OM2/3/4 up to distances of 400 M

QSFP Duplex LC over OM2/3/4 up to distances of 150 M

C9300, C9300L, C9300X

100 Gbps




100GBASE-LR4 over OS1/2 up to distances of 10 KM

100GBASE-SR4 over OM3/4/5 up to distances of 100 M

C9300, C9300L, C9300X

Direct Attach



10GSFP+Cu Passive Twinax

C9300, C9300L, C9300X

NOTE: Catalyst 9300X switches do not support LRM modules.

Regulations and Compliance

Electromagnetic Compatibility


FCC Part 15 (CFR 47) Class A, ICES-003 Class A, CISPR22 Class A, CNS13438, EN 300 386 V1.6.1,  EN 55022 Class A, EN 61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, KN 32, TCVN 7189 Class A, EN 55032 , CISPR 32 Class A, V-2/2015.04, V-3/2015.04, VCCI-CISPR 32 Class A, CISPR24, EN 300 386 V1.6.1, EN 55024, KN35, TCVN 7317


CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-1, UL 60950-1, EN 60950-1, IEC 60950-1, AS/NZS 60950.1

Environmental Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
Warranty Full lifetime hardware warranty with next-day advanced replacement included


MTBF Rating 


MTBF at 25°C

C9300-24S-M 284,130








C9300-48S-M 281,920











Installation Guide

For instructions on how to install and configure the C9300 series switch please refer the C9300 Series Installation Guide


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