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Switch Live Tools

Meraki dashboard provides a number of live tools that are designed to help diagnose and troubleshoot problems on your network.  Live Tools include real-time usage statistics, client visibility, ping, throughput, and the ability to blink the LEDs on a switch.  All the live tools are available from the switch details page except for Packet Capture. Packet Capture can be found under Monitor>Packet Capture.

Cable Test Live Tool

Meraki switches are capable of determining whether cables are faulty and how long the cables are.  To test all the cables on a switch, for example, go to Monitor>>Live Tools and type in the port range of the switch, e.g., 1-24.


Figure 1

Ping Live Tool

Perform a continuous ping to your Meraki switch in order to determine the connection state and latency between your switch and Meraki.com.

Throughput Live Tool

This tool will provide you with a measured throughput in Mbps to Meraki.com from your Switch.

Blink LEDs Live Tool

This tool will allow for you to quickly identify one of your switches by forcing it to blink it's power status LED. This is useful when working together with someone that is viewing a switch stack or in other similar troubleshooting scenarios.

Reboot Live Tool

This tool will perform a reboot on your switch - please use this with care as it will temporarily affect your wired clients as well as sever your switch's' connection to the cloud controller.

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