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Activation Lock Bypass for iOS Devices

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Apple's iOS 7 includes a feature called activation lock, which makes it difficult for someone to use or sell an iOS device if it is lost or stolen. When providing organization-owned devices to users, this can become a hassle if the device must be reset or allocated to a new user. Systems Manager has a feature called Activation Lock Bypass that can be used to circumvent activation lock. 

The prerequisites for Activation Lock Bypass are:

Once these prerequisites are met, the Activation Lock Bypass tools will appear under the MDM commands section of the client details page.


Note: The device must be supervised and enrolled in Systems Manager prior to Find my iPad/iPhone being enabled.

The Show bypass code command reveals the unique activation lock bypass command received by Cisco Meraki from Apple. This can be entered to manually bypass the activation lock. The Disable activation lock command automatically releases the iOS device from an activation locked state.


To put an iOS device into an activation locked state, issue the Erase device command under the MDM Commands section of the client details page in Dashboard.  After completing the language and wireless network configuration, the device will report that it has been activation locked.

With the iOS device in the locked state, issuing the Disable activation lock command from Dashboard will unlock the device.  It may be necessary to tap Back on the device before being able to proceed with activation. To manually unlock the device, leave the Apple ID blank and enter the bypass code (without dashes) in the password field.

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