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Configuration Profiles

The MDM > Settings page allows you to create or delete groups of settings called Profiles. Some settings are platform specific as indicated in the Mobile Settings page.

A configuration profile contains a series of settings for your managed mobile devices. Any profiles created here can be further customized on the Mobile Settings page.

It's important to note that additional profiles can only be pushed out to your mobile devices for enhanced MDM capabilities after the Meraki management profile has been installed on your mobile devices.

Creating a Configuration Profile

Name: The name of the profile that you will be pushing to your mobile devices
Description: This field can be used to provide additional information about a profile
Removal Policy: You can set a password to protect this profile from being removed*
Scope: You will add tags here to associate to specific mobile devices in your clients list
Status: This will show you how many mobile devices in your network this profile has been applied to
Contains: This field populates the specific settings that have been configured as the payload in your mobile profile

*This is not a password locking the device or a restriction password, and only applies to OSX.

Using a Custom Apple Profile

A custom configuration profile can be created with Apple Configurator 2 or Profile Manager.

Custom configuration profiles can be used in situations where you have a payload that is currently unmanageable via dashboard (e.g. Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, LDAP, Calendars).

File: Select the configuration profile (.mobileconfig file) from your local workstation
Scope: This can be used to apply the profile you’ve uploaded to a set of devices with a specific tag or with any tag.

Please refer to our documentation for more information about Creating and Using Custom Apple Profiles.

Configuring Profile Settings

For information on how to configure settings for profiles, please refer to our documentation on Configuration Settings.

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