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Under Systems manager > Configure > Owners, you can associate device owners with their managed devices. An owner entry contains the full name, email address, and username of the end user. On the page, you will also see how many devices are associated with each owner. Owners are organization-wide and will be seen on all System Manager networks within an organization. 


Most users created or imported into the Owners table can be used in conjunction with enrollment authentication to create another layer of security during enrollment, preventing unauthorized users from adding devices into your Systems Manager network.


Certain profile payloads like email configurations will use device owner information to populate device settings. This allows you to create a single payload for all your users instead of creating a unique profile only scoped to a single device. Owners can also be tagged so that profiles and apps can be deployed on a per-user basis, to all devices that person owns.

Adding and Importing Owners

Owners can come from multiple different sources, and will have a different 'Type' icon depending on how it was generated. Duplicate entries of different types in your table will automatically merge by matching the email address of the owner.

Meraki Managed

To create a new Meraki hosted owner, navigate to Systems Manager > Configure > Owners and then select the “+ Add New” button at the top left hand corner of the page.


You should then see a popup with various fields that can be filled out.

  • Full Name

  • Email

  • Username

  • Password

  • Tags


Enter the user’s information into whichever fields you need populated, then press “Create owner”.


You may also import Meraki Managed Owners with a CSV file by clicking “CSV Import” on the System Manager > Owners page.  You will also be able to download a CSV of your current users to see the format.

Apple School Manager

To import ASM owners, first navigate to https://school.apple.com and ensure the users are populated in ASM.  Next, ensure you have your DEP token added to Dashboard under Organization > MDM. Then, go to Systems manager > Configure > Owners, select Sync > Sync ASM.


To merge ASM imported owners with entries of a different owner type, make sure to check the 'Strip prefix domain' button in Organization > MDM if you follow Apple's recommended email domain naming schema.


Active Directory

To populate Active directory users into the Owners table, you need to have Active Directory enrollment authentication setup.  


During enrollment, users will be prompted to sign in with their username and password. If successfully authenticated, Dashboard will automatically create an owner entry and assign it the newly enrolled device, pulling in all of the user’s AD groups as tags. You can use the ‘Sync AD groups’ command to update these group tags should they ever change.


For more information regarding setup and configuration for enrollment authentication, please see the following article.

Google Domain

Google owners will populate once you have enrolled in Android for Work using your Google domain. When a device is enrolled for the first time, the user will be prompted for their Google Credentials, which will be added to the owners table after signing in.


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