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Managed device does not receive deployed app or settings profile

There are several possible reasons that a managed device in Systems Manager is not receiving deployed apps or settings profiles. This article will walk through several things to check to isolate the cause. 

  1. Ensure the device is within the scope of the deployment for the selected app (Systems Manager > Manage > Apps) or profile (Systems Manager > Manage >​​​​​​​ Profiles). If the management section of the client's dashboard page does not indicate that there are updates pending or apps missing, then the device is likely not within the scope of the deployment.
    Settings: Updates pending
    Apps Apps missing
  1. Ensure the device has had proper internet access / communication with the Meraki Cloud since the app/profile deployment.
  2. If on the client details page, under Online status the green connectivity bar (and the corresponding Last check-in) indicate that the device has not checked in since the app/profile deployment, attempt to force the device to check-in by click Check-in now
  3. For profiles and apps in general, ensure that the device is unlocked as commands cannot be issued if the device is locked. If a device is not used frequently, autonomous deployment of apps and profiles can be delayed.
  4. For apps, on the device's client details page, check the status for the deployed app in the Activity log and Apps inventory box for any potential errors that may have occurred. If status in activity log is 'pending,' the device has likely not checked in with the Meraki Cloud to receive the app installation command.
  5. For apps, verify that the iTunes account on the client device has a selection made for payment info. Even if free apps are being deployed, a payment method section is required. This option can be set to 'None' if desired. Refer to the following Apple documentation for new iTunes accounts or existing iTunes accounts. Apps can not be installed unless a section is made.
  6. For profiles, check the Profiles inventory box on the device's client details page. If a profile is set to deploy to the device, but it is not currently on the device (or an updated version exists), a command to Install updated/missing profiles will appear in the profiles inventory box.
  7. If a device refuses to check in, and there is no firewall / proxy server configuration potentially blocking communication to the Meraki Cloud, then it may be necessary to uninstall / re-install the Meraki SM agent on the device to trigger further connectivity.  This can be done by removing the management profile, and then enrolling the device again.
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