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Cloud Monitoring for Catalyst


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What is Cloud Monitoring?   

Cloud monitoring for Catalyst provides an integrated view of Catalyst 9800 wireless controllers and Catalyst 9000 series switches in the Meraki dashboard, seamlessly integrated into a single-pane-of-glass experience.

Cloud monitoring provides the ability to view Catalyst wireless and switch statistics, configuration, and troubleshooting capabilities. These devices will be automatically tagged with “Monitor Only” in the dashboard to distinguish from fully managed Meraki switches and access points. Aside from this difference, “Monitor Only” Catalyst device appear and function very similarly to Meraki MS switches or MR/CW access points in the dashboard, including a visual representation of connected ports and traffic information.

What Cloud Monitoring is Not   

Cloud monitoring does not replace other management solutions for configuration of wireless controllers and switches. As a monitoring tool, most operations are read-only. All live troubleshooting capabilities will also not result in persistent changes to configuration following the troubleshooting operation.

Cloud Monitoring Terms and Conditions

Use of and access to Cloud Monitoring features in the Meraki Dashboard are governed by the Meraki Offer Description and Cisco General Terms (the "Terms"). Any terms applicable to your Catalyst devices prior to enrollment in Cloud Monitoring (e.g., hardware warranty, end of life policy, technical support) continue to apply. By using Cloud Monitoring you agree to the Terms and further agree that certain mandatory configurations will be pushed to your enrolled Catalyst wireless controllers devices as further described HERE. And for Catalyst switches as further described HERE.

Catalyst Switches: Getting Started

For Catalyst Switches Download the onboarding application.

For more details and FAQ on Catalyst switches in dashboard, visit the Cloud Monitoring Overview and FAQ article.

To add Cisco Catalyst switches to your Meraki dashboard experience, see the Cloud Monitoring Onboarding Guide.



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