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How to Request a License Transfer

There are many scenarios that may require the transfer of a license from one Meraki dashboard organization to another. Moving Co-Termination license keys between organizations can only be performed by a member of the Meraki Support team. This article will outline the process and information required when making a Co-Termination license transfer request.


Customers using Per-Device Licensing have the ability to move Per-Device Licenses between organizations. 

Required Information

Information required to proceed with the license transfer:

  • The source license key that will be transferred
  • Device type and count to be moved to the destination organization
  • Name of the destination organization 
  • Administrator support passcode for the source and destination organization

The administrator requesting the transfer must have the same email address on the source and destination organizations.

Only administrators with Full Read Write permissions on both source and destination organizations will be able to request a license transfer (Read-Only organization admins do not have permission to move licenses)

Requesting the License Transfer

Once you have the required information outlined above you are ready to submit the license transfer request. There are two ways to contact support to make license transfer request:


Cases can be submitted directly within the Dashboard. This option helps Support quickly locate your network and resolve issues more quickly.

To submit a case in Dashboard:

  1. Log-in to Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Help > Get help > Still need help? > Submit an email case.
  3. Use the provided fields to explain the question or issue. Please include any relevant details.
  4. Click Submit.

You will receive a confirmation email, and a Support Engineer will get back to you as soon as possible. You can update the case if needed by replying to that email, or visiting the  Help > Get help > View full case history page in Dashboard.


Phone support is available for customers experiencing high impact issues where quick resolution is a top priority.

When contacting Cisco Meraki Support via phone, please have your customer number and support passcode ready. These can both be found at the Help > Get help > Still need help? > Call the Meraki Support team page.

The general Support number is +1 (415) 937-6671. A full list of region-specific phone numbers can be found in Dashboard under Help > Get help > Still need help? > Call the Meraki Support team > View regional phone numbers, or on the Meraki Support home page.


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