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Cisco Meraki Documentation

Contacting Support

Contact Cisco Meraki Support


Cisco Meraki Support is available 24/7 to Enterprise customers for assistance with resolving network issues and providing answers to questions not covered by the documentation. There are several options for contacting support.

Cisco Meraki Support provides assistance only with technical questions and troubleshooting of the webinar or CMNA promo equipment. For any non-technical question, orders, training, auto-renewal, etc. of such equipment, please refer to Contacts for Webinar and CMNO, CMNA, ECMS Equipment guide instead.

Learn more with this free online training course on the Meraki Learning Hub:

Sign in with your Cisco SSO or create a free account to start training.


Cases can be submitted directly within the Dashboard. This option helps Support quickly locate your network and resolve issues more quickly.

To submit a case in Dashboard:

  1. Log-in to Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to "?" (top-right on green ribbon) > Get help > Still need help? > Submit a case. Use the provided fields to explain the question or issue. Please include any relevant details.

  3. Click Submit.

You will receive a confirmation email, and a Support Engineer will get back to you as soon as possible. You can update the case if needed by replying to that email, or visiting the  "?" > Get help > View full case history page in Dashboard.


Phone support is available for customers experiencing high impact issues where quick resolution is a top priority.

When contacting Cisco Meraki Support via phone, please have your customer number and support passcode ready. These can both be found at the "?" > Get help > Still need help? > Call the Meraki Support team page.

The general Support number is +1 (415) 937-6671. A full list of region-specific phone numbers can be found in Dashboard under "?" > Get help > Still need help? > Call the Meraki Support team > View regional phone numbers, or on the Meraki Support home page.


Contact your Account Representative

If you need assistance in regards to product recommendations, network design and solutions, product specifications and purchasing (including equipment, license, etc.), please contact your account representative. Your account representative works closely with Meraki Sales engineers to ensure that you can achieve the goal that you have in mind. Your account representative can be found in Dashboard under "?" > Get help > Still need help? >  Contact your Meraki Sales representative


Please note that an account representative will be assigned to an account only after claiming a license. To purchase your first license or get assistance regarding our products specifications and design solutions, please contact Meraki Sales team via


Join Meraki Community

Join the Meraki Community today for discussing all things Meraki by visiting and logging in with your credentials. (If you don’t already have a Cisco login, you can create one by following the “Register” link.)

  • Search for common topics and get answers to your questions, 
  • Share how you are using Meraki gear in your environment and find tips from other users who have had similar experiences.
  • Can’t find what you’re looking for? Start a new topic. There are many Meraki experts on the community who are eager to help out.

More information on the Meraki forum is available at the blog post Introducing the New Meraki Community.