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iOS Supervised Restrictions

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Systems Manager supports certain additional restrictions on 'Supervised' devices. A device can only be supervised via DEP or Apple Configurator. The iOS supervised restrictions can be accessed by navigating to Systems manager > MDM > Settings, clicking + Add Settings and selecting Restrictions.

The iOS show/hide apps feature also requires devices to be supervised.



  • If the profile contains only Device functionality under iOS supervised restrictions and is pushed to a non-supervised device, the profile will still deploy, but these 'supervised' restrictions will simply be ignored by the device.
  • If the profile contains any other restrictions under iOS supervised restrictions (ie. Single App Mode, Web content filter, etc.) and is pushed to a non-supervised device, the entire settings profile will fail to deploy to the device (an error will report on the client's 'activity log'). The restrictions must be removed, or the device must be supervised, in order for the settings profile to properly deploy.  

  • The client's details page will report whether or not the device is supervised:



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