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Meraki Display Public Beta


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Video wall solutions are a staple of any comprehensive video surveillance system. For onsite and remote security, dedicated video walls offer an effective way to surveil and protect one or multiple sites. For open lobbies, public-facing video walls are part of preventive strategies for crime deterrents by signaling passersby that they are monitored.

Meraki Display is an Apple TV app capable of live streaming up to 16 cameras on a single display for video wall monitoring. Leveraging the power of the Meraki platform and Apple TV hardware, Meraki Display delivers a high-quality 24/7 viewing experience that is customizable from the dashboard. It is also capable of transmitting both cloud and local streams to maximize stream uptime. V 

By joining the beta, you will get access to the latest updates before anyone else. We highly recommend signing up for the beta private group as well to share your feedback directly with our product team.

Getting Started

  1. Complete Apple TV setup

  2. Download and install the Meraki Display app after enrolling in the beta

  3. Enter your dashboard username and password

  4. Make sure a video wall is already created from the Meraki Dashboard

  5. Navigate to the camera network and select a video wall to start streaming

Steps to Join the Beta

Additional Information

  1. Install TestFlight on an iOS or iPadOS device and Apple TV where you can sign in to the same App Store account.

  2. Tap the public link on your iOS device (if you run into issues with a macOS, please try selecting the link on an iPhone or iPad)

  3. Tap Accept for the app you want to test.

  4. Open TestFlight on Apple TV. You must be signed in to the same App Store account you used on your device.

  5. Install the app you want to test.

Join our beta group on Meraki Community

While optional, we highly recommend all participants join our private beta group and share your feedback. Getting started is quick and easy. Simply sign in the form here to get started. After being granted access, you can find the private group from Meraki Community.

Beta support

For technical support, please visit our private group and open a thread. We will do our best to respond within 48 hours and help you resolve your issues.


We recommend purchasing the latest generation of Apple TV hardware for Meraki Display for both improved performance and additional functionality. The suggested hardware models are:

  1. Apple TV 4K (3nd Generation) Wi-Fi + Ethernet

  2. Apple TV 4K (2nd Generation)

Hardware Purchase and Support

Meraki does not offer to sell Apple TVs; we will not take purchase, hardware repair, or hardware replacement requests. You can purchase Apple TV directly or work with a 3rd party vendor to procure hardware. We highly recommend leveraging Apple Business Manager and Meraki Systems Manager to simplify purchasing, deployment, and management of your Apple TV hardware. Hardware repair is also available through the official Apple services.



Does Meraki Display support Camera-Only Admin access?

Yes. You can authenticate as an organization, network, or camera-only admin. 


Can I use MDM (mobile device management) to further control the usage of Meraki Display?

Yes. You can use your company’s current MDM solution of Meraki’s Systems Manager to implement a managed experience.  


Can I stream 3rd party camera hardware through Meraki Display?

No. We only stream MVs to offer the most secure and best possible experience. 


Can I use older Apple TV hardware to access Meraki Display?

We are recommending the latest hardware due to its improved performance and functionalities. Only Apple TVs 4th generation or later have access to App store for downloading Meraki Display.


Does Meraki repair or replace Apple TVs?

No. Meraki does not offer services to Apple TVs. Please refer to official Apple services for help.


Is Meraki Display beta free to join?

Yes. The Beta is completely free. We will charge a monthly subscription for access once the beta is over.


When does the beta start and end?

The beta started on 10/31/22 and it will last until the official launch (tentatively February of 2023). 


What feedback will I be expected to provide during the beta program?

Please share any bug report and feature request through the private beta community forum. To get access, simply sign in the form here. After being granted access, you can find the private group from Meraki Community


Can I opt-in to the beta with multiple Apple TVs?

Yes, you can. 


When will Meraki Display officially launch?

Tentatively late February of 2023


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