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Organization Settings

This article describes the organization-level management features under the Organization tab of the Meraki Dashboard. These features are limited to organization administrators, a network administrator does not have access to these settings.


By choosing Organization > Overview, you can see a summary of all of the networks in a particular organization. Clicking Expand on the floating network list to the right of the page will display more detailed information about each network.  The usage data at the top of the expanded network list top summarizes cumulative usage across all networks, and the map shows network locations with color-coded markers corresponding to the network list. Mouse over a network in the list and the network marker on the map is highlighted.

Please refer to our documentation for more information about the Organization Overview Page.

Change log

Click Change log to view configuration changes to any of the networks in your organization. The log contains the following information for each change:

  • Time:  Time the change was made in UTC.
  • Admin:  The username of the administrator who made the changes.
  • Network:  The Dashboard network in which the change was made.
  • SSID:  The SSID that was altered (MR, MX60W and Z1 only)
  • Page:  The Dashboard menu page where the changes were made.
  • Label:  The configuration section or option that was changed.
  • Old Value:  The value of the option prior to the change.
  • New Value:  The value of the option after the change.


Click Settings to update the name of the organization, add or modify organization admins, and modify their privileges.
Additionally, you can configure the following Security settings:

  • Password expiration
  • Policy for used or old passwords
  • Strong password policy
  • Account lockout settings
  • Idle timeout settings
  • Two-factor authentication
  • IP ranges from which administrators can access the Dashboard

The Settings page also allows you to do the following:

  • Block Meraki Support from viewing your organization.
  • Manage push certificates for Meraki MDM (see Systems Manager documentation).
  • Enable and configure SNMP monitoring of your appliance via SNMP polling of the Meraki Cloud Controller.

License info

Click License info for licensing details, including total number of devices, licenses, and license expiration date for your organization. There are two licensing options for the Meraki MX series:

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Advanced Security Edition

Please refer to the Licensing FAQ for more information.

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