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Cannot connect to wired.meraki.com

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All DNS queries for wired.meraki.com that route through the MX are intercepted and responded to with an A record pointing to the local IP address of the MXs wired.meraki.com interface. If DNS queries for wired.meraki.com do not pass through the MX, DNS queries for wired.meraki.com will not resolve to the correct local IP address and clients will not be able to reach the local wired.meraki.com page. This issue frequently occurs when the DNS server used by clients on the LAN does not send its DNS queries through the MX as is the case when the DNS server uses a different default gateway. Below are the indicators of this problem and a solution.


 - Content Filter Blocked websites are presented with the message "Hi there. You connected to wired.meraki.com, but you are likely not currently connected to a Meraki appliance" instead of "This website is blocked by your network operator." 

 - Local DNS servers are configured with a non-Meraki default gateway.


The Local DNS servers should be configured with an A Record for wired.meraki.com pointing to the LAN IP Address of the MX device.


The steps below show how to create a wired.meraki.com DNS zone with an A record for wired.merak.com on a Windows DNS server.

1. Open the DNS Manager snap-in.

2. Right Click Forward Lookup Zones and choose New Zone... to open the New Zone Wizard.


3. For Zone Type choose Primary Zone and make sure Store zone in Active Directory is not selected. Click Next. 


4. Enter wired.meraki.com for the Zone Name and click Next.


5. For Zone File, leave the defaults and click Next.

6. For Dynamic Updates, make sure Do not allow dynamic updates is selected and click Next.

7. Click Finish.

8. Right click the wired.meraki.com zone in DNS Manager and choose New host (A and AAAA)...


9. Create a new host record, leaving the Name field blank and entering the LAN IP address of the MX in the IP address field. You do not need to create a PTR record so deselect this box. Click Add host.


10. Now the A record will appear in the zone. 


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