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Cisco Meraki

MS Firmware Features Directory

MS Firmware Features Directory

Learn more about MS Firmware and and features associated with each major version.


This article describes MS features and their dependencies on MS firmware releases.

The table below explains the correlation between switch product families and models.

Family Models
MS100 series MS120-8(P/LP/FP), MS120-24(P), MS120-48(P/LP/FP), MS125-24(P), MS125-48(P/LP/FP)
MS200 series MS210-24(P), MS210-48(P/LP/FP), MS225-24(P), MS225-48(P/LP/FP), MS250-24(P), MS225-48(P/LP/FP)
MS300 series MS350-24(P), MS350-24X, MS350-48(LP/FP), MS355-24X, MS355-24X2, MS355-48X, MS355-48X2
MS390 series MS390-24(P), MS390-24U, MS390-24UX, MS390-48(P), MS390-48U, MS390-48UX, MS390-48UX2
MS400 series MS410-16, MS410-32, MS425-16, MS425-32, MS450-32


MS 15 Firmware Features

Feature Status Support Models / Families Minimum Required License
VLAN Profiles New MS100/200/300/390 Enterprise
RADIUS-based Voice VLAN Assignment New MS100/200/300/390/400 Enterprise
FIPS (phase 1 support) New MS120/125/355/390/450 Enterprise
MS390 802.3bt Support New MS390 Enterprise
Alternate Management Interface New MS390 Enterprise
Critical / Failed Authentication New MS390 Enterprise
Group Policy ACLs New MS390 Enterprise
IPv6 - management New MS390 Enterprise
MAC Flap Detection New MS390 Enterprise
Meraki Authentication New MS390 Enterprise
Multi-auth Access Policy w/ Voice VLAN Bypass New MS390 Enterprise
NetFlow export w/SGT, AVC, ETA New MS390 Advanced
StackPower New MS390 Enterprise
Unidirectional Link Detection (UDLD) New MS390 Enterprise
URL-redirect New MS390 Enterprise


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